RDF vocabulary search and lookup

Vocab.cc is an open source project, that allows RDF developers to look up and search for Linked Data vocabularies.

To ease the decision for a specific vocabulary, information about the usage in the Billion Triple Challange Dataset (BTCD) of a given property or class is provided. This information includes the number of overall appearances of the given uri in the BTCD, as well as the number of documents within the BTCD, that contain the given uri. These numbers allow for a ranking of properties and classes respectively with regard to their usage. Information about the position of a given uri in these rankings is also provided.

Developers can search URIs with arbitrary queries or look up specific URIs (common prefixes are resolved automatically with data from prefix.cc).

To enable an easy integration of the vocab.cc functionality, all information is available as RDF and can be accessed as Linked Service

The layout and user interaction of vocab.cc is influenced by prefix.cc. Thanks for the inspiration!

This site is maintained by Andreas Harth and Steffen Stadtmüller. You can contact us via email. This site is developed as part of the Planet Data EU Network of Excellence at the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods, which is part of the Karlsruhe Research Institute, Germany.

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